IVS Group S.A. has completed the acquisition of a participation representing 50% of Time Vending S.r.l. owned by Chef Express S.p.A. (a company belonging to the Cremonini Group), of which IVS Group S.A. already owned indirectly 50% – through its fully owned subsidiary IVS Italia S.p.A. – and so reaching full control of 100%. Chef Express reinvested the sale proceeds by acquiring n. 1,309,397 IVS Group treasury shares (equal to around 1.4% of IVS Group share capital).

The joint venture between IVS and Cremonini Group dates back to 2009 and this transaction strengthens the base for further and more advanced forms of collaboration between the two companies, examples of excellence in the food & beverage distribution and catering sectors, in Italy and Europe.


IVS Group S.A. was assisted for the legal aspects of the transaction by TALEA – Tax Legal Advisory with a team composed by the partner Gabriele Consiglio and the salary partner Fabrizio Lanzoni.

The complete article is available here: https://dealflower.it/ivs-group-acquisizione-time-vending-azioni-food-and-beverage/